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Cocaine Anonymous 


Want to be of Service?

British Columbia Area Meeting

Our Area Business Meeting is on Zoom.

If you want to attend or if you are a GSR, link below.


BCCA Area Business 

2024 Meeting Dates


February 18, 2024

March 17, 2024

April 21, 2024






Meeting ID: 960 4903 7213

Passcode: Area123


Unity Committee Meetings


3rd Wednesday of every month @ 6PM


Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 928 5510 7289
Passcode: Unity123


Convention Committee 


We have an exciting plan to host the Pacific North Region Convention in 2024, and we're in need of abundant support to make it a success.


If you're eager to be part of something meaningful and get involved, seize this incredible opportunity.


Join us for the next committee meeting on June 24th at the New Westminster Library (716 6th Ave) at 3:00 PM.


If you're located outside the area but still want to contribute, we can arrange a Zoom connection for you. Feel free to contact Nadine at 778-883-3922.




Public Information - BC

Public Information Meeting




Zoom Meeting ID: 964 2365 8765


Passcode: PI2021



Hospitals and Institutions

Come join us in offering your valuable experience, strength, and hope to those who are still struggling with addiction.


Remember the feeling of being new and vulnerable in detox or treatment centers, and make a profound impact on those who need it most.


Giving back is a wonderful opportunity, and all it takes is 90 days of sobriety to share your journey of staying clean and sober with someone who is only days or even hours into their recovery.


Reach out to Keith, the Hospitals and Institutions Chair, who can connect you with a detox or treatment center to share your story.


Contact Keith via cell at 705-305-5192 or email at


Hospitals & Institutions meets same dates as Area.




Meeting ID: 960 4903 7213

Passcode: Area123




"What We Do?"


This section of the website is a valuable resource for C.A. members, whether they are actively involved in service, seeking service opportunities within the Fellowship, or simply curious about how our fellowship fulfills its mission. For any questions regarding our service structure, please refer to the comprehensive information in our fellowships 'World Service Manual,' or reach out to your local District or Area Service Committee. Additionally, you can contact your Regional Trustee or the World Service Board of Trustees via email at




Treasurer's Corner

 Treasurer Reports 



Secretary's Corner