Want to be of Service?

British Columbia Area

Our Area Business Meeting is on Zoom.


If you want to attend or if you are a GSR here is the link


BCCA Area Business Meeting


The 3rd Sunday of almost Every Month




Meeting ID: 857 4355 1101

Public Information - BC

we are having a Poster Drive - Plaster your area with Help Posters


August 8th @ 1PM


Contact Simonne for more info. 778-320-7732


Color the World Green

September 13 - 19th

gallery/Cocaine Anonymous POSTER[976]

Hospitals and Institutions

Come share your experience, strength, and hope with the still suffering addict. 

Remember when you were new sitting in detox or a treatment centre. Make a difference to those who matter most.

Great way to give back. All you need is 90 days sober to share how you are staying clean and sober with someone only days even hours clean.


Call The Hospitals and Institutions Chair Michael he can set you up with a detox or treatment centre to share at.


Michael C 778-886-6019

Treasurer's Corner

July 2020 Treasurer Report 

August 2020 Treasurer Report 

September 2020 Treasurer Report 

October 2020 Treasurer Report 

Secretary's Corner

July 2020 Area Minutes

August 2020 Area Minutes

September 2020 Area Minutes

October 2020 Area Minutes

What we do?


Whether you are already involved in service, looking for opportunities to serve your Fellowship, or just interested in knowing how your fellowship accomplishes its mission, this section of the website provides a resource that C.A. members may find helpful and informative.


If you have any questions regarding our service structure please review the information outlined in our fellowships ‘World Service Manual’.


You can also contact your local District or Area Service Committee. Alternatively you can also contact your Regional Trustee or World Service Board of Trustees by emailing




What's Going on at Area?


Hospitals & Institutions


Lots of Panels Available

3months - 1 year sobriety requirement.



Positions Available


Unity - 1 year clean time and 2 year commitment

World Delegate - 4 year clean time and 4 year commitment



Positions recently filled


Congratulations to Krystal our new Area Secretary