BRitish Columbia

Cocaine Anonymous 


What's Happening In CA



Pipe Down

Dan 2 Years Jan 24th



Crack Attack - Surrey

Kyle 5 years Feb 9th



Friday Night Live - North Van

Todd 3 years Feb 10th

Michael C 22 years Feb 17th

Terri 23 years Feb 24th



Uptown Saturday Night - Burnaby







Statement of Purpose


To carry a clearly defined message of unity at unity activities in the interest of raising the awareness and importance of unity.


Unity is a common bond that transcends all differences.

By sharing our experience with other addicts and working the Twelve Steps of C.A., we come to know humility, security, acceptance, and self-worth.


Recovery is possible - together

Unity preserves our C.A. fellowship. - Same meeting anywhere in the world.

Unity preserves our legacy of Hope, Faith, and Courage. - By sharing our common bonds or experiences and following our Primary Purpose.

Unity preserves our personal recovery, our re-united families, and our re-discovered dreams. - United we stand divided we fall.