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Cocaine Anonymous - BC Area

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Fun in the Fellowship

Local CA Events

The Events on  the Calendar Below are happening around BC.
We support having fun in recovery.  

If you have an event happening or a cake you want us to announce that we don't already have on the Calendar, please use the form below the Calendar. 
Each month we update all events and cakes.  So come join us and have some fun in Recovery.

Up Coming CA Events See Below.. Also check out the Convention page for other events in the area..

Do you have something happening in your area or at your home group that you would like to announce??
Please send us  a message. We look forward to hearing from you! In CA we support having fun in recovery.
So come out have some fun.  Let us know of your fun events fill out form below!!!

Unity Statement

Statement of Purpose: To carry a clearly defined message of unity at unity activities in the interest of raising the awareness and importance of unity.

Unity is a common bond that transcends all differences.
By sharing our experience with other addicts and working the Twelve Steps of C.A., we come to know humility, security, acceptance, and self-worth.

Recovery is possible - together

Unity preserves our C.A. fellowship. - Same meeting anywhere in the world.
Unity preserves our legacy of Hope, Faith, and Courage. - By sharing our common bonds or experiences and following our Primary Purpose.
Unity preserves our personal recovery, our re-united families, and our re-discovered dreams. - United we stand divided we fall.